3 Things to Remember When Hiring a Roofer

For homeowners who want to remodel their homes and turn it into really something new, a new roof is a kind of investment that will make a big change in a remodeled house, however let’s be honest that it’s going to be really costly. You’re going to spend approximately a thousand dollars, and guess what, a small portion of this cost is spend to the materials you’re going to need. The bigger portion goes to the fee you’re going to give the skilled roofing contractor anchorage.

That’s why it makes real sense that choosing the right roofer contractor should be considered to protect this big investment. You have to consider a lot of things and we will be sharing with you the basic 3 things you should remember when hiring a roofer.

Hiring a Roofer

1. Ask for References

This is the first thing you should, and doing this will make a big impact in your endeavor. Ask for references from co-workers, friends, or neighbors who recently just had their roof repaired or replaced. You can also check out your local lumberyard or home builders group because these people have experiences with different kinds of roofers. After asking all of these people, narrow down the list of roofers into 3. These 3 are going to your prospects. After that, you’re going to check how many years are they in the service. If they have 5-year experience in the roofing industry, that’s a good news. If a roofer last that long in the roofing service, it means that they have done satisfactory jobs in the past.

After you’ve narrowed down the list of your prospects, next thing to do is check the roofer’s availability. Check his schedule to see if he is available on the month you want him to do the roofing job. Most of the reputable roofers have fully-booked schedule and might not be able to entertain you on the time you want him to work.

You can also ask for the contact information of their past clients. A roofer who has good work experience without complaints won’t hesitate to give you the list of his past clients for further references, unless the past client wouldn’t allow it. Personally ask these people about their experiences regarding your prospect’s work to really check if it was satisfactory or not.

2. Check Social Media Sites and Websites 

If you have narrowed down the list into 2 or 1, you can start checking their websites. Check if they put any relevant information like email address and phone numbers. Usually, these kinds of websites have review page. Make sure that you check that out too.

You can also check the professionalism of a roofer base on how he handles his social media accounts and websites. If the website indicates the specific types of services the roofer offers, that’s good.

3. Ask for Compensation Coverage 

An experienced and professional roofer will give you an estimate right away if you ask for it. So before hiring a roofer, make sure that you ask the estimate of the cost. Describe to him the things you want to achieve in the roofing job. To be really accurate, break the estimate into two. The first estimate is the cost of the materials and the 2nd estimate is the fee he’s going to receive.

Ask for insurance certificate and warranty so your roof is covered in case of leaks, flashing failures and other labor-related defects. To be really safe, both of you should agree to a contract. All your requests should be indicated in the contract, the cost and other agreements you have.