All You Need to Know About Using SEO Keywords

When using SEO keywords, a lot of businesses or companies get it wrong. As a matter of fact, they simply do not know how to correctly use keywords for SEO and they often think that the keywords are the primary way to secure higher rankings. But actually, they are not. Keywords are actually very vital for SEO. However, their significance has been devalued.

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Knowing the Role of SEO Keywords

1. Google Hummingbird

Google has changed the way SEO keywords are being used. This update was not intended to devalue SEO keywords but instead, enhance the significance of context, its meaning and user intent. Since the update, a search engine is able to decipher how you are using particular words in a context or sentence to tell the user what the thought really means. That means that you do not have to use similar keywords every now and then. If the meaning and context of your content are the same, a search engine will be able to know that the intent of the user matches (or does not match) your content, without hitting the specific keyword density. Furthermore, this puts a higher level of emphasis on producing content which uses a natural language and not the specific search engine language.

2. Using the Natural Language

It should not be the goal of the business or company to confuse the users who visit your website. That is a poor or bad business habit and that is exactly what you are doing when you make content that’s keyword heavy. You must only be focused on the long-tail keyword however, make content which the people will find valuable and useful. Your objective must be to improve user experience as well as if having extra keywords gets away from that, you must think of another SEO strategy.

Using Correct SEO Keywords

Where to Use SEO Keywords on a Web Page

Your content must not be changed to put keywords on a web page, thus, it should naturally fit. If it does not, then do not include that keyword. But when you are planning a particular piece of content, the following are some of the points of a web page which you should include your main keyword:

  • URL
  • Heading tags
  • Meta description
  • The first one hundred words of your content
  • The beginning of the title of your web page

While your meta description will not help you increase your ranking and that includes your keyword in the meta description of your web page, it will make bold keywords when the users are searching for that particular keyword. Contact a professional online marketing team Spokane if you want to know more about it.

Common Misconceptions in Using Keywords

  • Stuffing keywords in meta tags, footers, URL’s will benefit me.
  • Keyword density should be used in SEO marketing campaigns and is very important.
  • It is ultimately better if the keywords have more search traffic.
  • The more keyword is being used in a content, the better the results will be.
  • A search engine uses a ranking signal in order to help them specify the potential site’s value.