The Causes of Roof Damage

The roof is an important part of your house. Without it, the things you have to endure are beyond imaginable. Every year, the roof experiences different kinds of weather. The roof endures sunlight, rain, snow and hail. With this knowledge, we know that the roof will face damages. Even the most common and durable type of roofing which is shingle roofing will endure damages too because of severe weather. There are a lot of causes of roof damage and we will be sharing a few with you.

Roof Damage

1. Hail

There are areas in the world where hail annually comes. If you live in one, then your roof must have damages caused by hails. You can tell this if your roof have “bruises”. Hail knocks off the granules of the roof and it sometimes reveal the underlying materials of the roof. Sometimes if the hail is stronger than normal, the damages it does to the roof are cracks and holes. Sometimes they even knock off the shingles.

Yes, the damage a hail can bring to your roof is really big. If you don’t do something right away like repairing it or replacing it, the damage will become worse. It will rot the roof and causes it to collapse.  

2. Wind

If you have experienced strong wind the night before, you can easily spot the damage the next morning unlike the hail. If the shingles are knocked off altogether, the strong wind must have caused it. If you were hit but the windstorm, it usually results to an entire section of shingle missing. If the type of roofing you has is metal or slate roofing, a strong wind can split it or tear it. The damage a strong wind causes to a roof might force you to hire anchorage roofing companies.

3. Debris

If you live in a lucky area where the weather is not too harsh yet you still experience roof damage, then the cause of it might be of falling debris. It’s not only hail, storm or strong wind that can damage a roof. You also have to watch out for falling debris and tree limbs that falls off your roof. If your house is surrounded by big trees, it’s likely that tree limbs fall of easily on your roof. You have a solution to this. You can call a professional roofer to remove tree limbs and other debris off your roof. Aside from removing unwanted things, they can also assess if there’s a big damage on your roof or not.

If you experienced limbs and other debris falling on your roof, you can check yourself if there are broke, missing, cracked, bruised or dented shingles. If you haven’t noticed it for a while, expect leaks in your ceiling too. If you just experienced a big storm, check for breaks, discoloration and holes because these are also sign of severe damage below the surface.

If you are not sure how to provide solutions in these kinds of problems, you can easily ask for a roofer’s help. Always watch out because there are a lot of causes for roof damage.